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Optimus polaris multi fuel stove Camping Hiking Camp Foldable Lightweight 0.4L Fuel Bottle

Optimus polaris multi fuel stove Camping Hiking Camp Foldable Lightweight 0.4L Fuel Bottle

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Optimus polaris multi fuel stove is a versatile cooking stove that uses different fuels, including liquid and LPG canister fuel. It is ideal for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness.

The furnace is designed to deliver superior and reliable cooking performance with just one jet, without changing nozzles or attachments.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can easily switch between 4 Season Mode and Efficiency Mode when using LP Gas canisters.

The folding stove windshield also features an integrated magnetic cleaning needle, allowing easy cooking cleaning. The patented quick-priming burner lets you start cooking quickly, so you can enjoy your meals faster.

The stove comes with a kit with a FLIPSTOP pump, a 0.4L fuel bottle, a multitool, a windscreen, a heat reflector, a stuff bag, and lubricant.

You can use a variety of fuels with this stove, including white gas, LP Gas, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and jet fuel.


- Weight: 330g burner only, windshield 50g, liquid fuel pump 148g

-  Material: Steel

- Type: Remote canister and multifuel stove

- Fuel: Gas (canister), white gas, kerosene, unleaded fuel, diesel, jet fuel

- Dimensions: 14x10x9cm (burner only)

- Burner diameter: 4.8cm

- Power: 5300W/12500BTU (gas canister), 4200W/14300BTU (liquid fuel)

- Boil time: Approx 5min (gas canister), 4min (liquid fuel) on test

- Burn time: Approx 105min from a 230g gas canister, or 100min from 400ml of liquid fuel (quoted)

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