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MotoTec Maverick Kids Electric Go Kart 36v 500w Red,MT-GK-Maverick-1000w_Red

MotoTec Maverick Kids Electric Go Kart 36v 500w Red,MT-GK-Maverick-1000w_Red

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Introducing the new electric go kart, the 36v 1000w Maverick Go Kart from MotoTec! This go-kart is not just for kids but also a go-kart for adults who love speed and adventure. With its full roll cage safety bars, solid rear axle, and cable rear brake, you can be sure you are safe while enjoying the ride. The go-kart steering wheel provides an excellent grip, giving you complete control of the kart. The seat belt ensures you are secure and comfortable throughout the ride.

If you're worried about damaging your lawn, this go-kart comes with turf-safe tires that help save your grass. The 36-volt, 1000-watt brushless motor provides a powerful boost, and with the key start, you can get going quickly. The battery meter lets you know how much juice you have left, and the forward and reverse feature makes it easy to handle around obstacles.

The Maverick Go Kart is perfect whether you're a teenager or an adult. With three selectable speeds, you can choose the level that suits your skill level and experience. Enjoy the fun and excitement - get your Maverick Go Kart today!

Product Details:

  1. Motor:

    • 1000 Watt Peak

    • 36 Volt (BRUSHLESS)

  2. Batteries:

    • Three 12v/12ah Lead Acid

  3. Adjustable Speeds:

    • 10mph, 15mph (20mph when optional plug is disconnected)

  4. Distance Per Charge:

    • 5 to 12 miles (weight, terrain dependent)

  5. Reverse:

    • Yes

  6. Charge Time:

    • 4 to 5 hours

  7. Ride Time:

    • Up to 40 minutes

  8. Max Rider Weight:

    • 154 lbs

  9. Distance from Back of Seat:

    • To Pedals: 80cm

    • To Steering Wheel: 40cm

  10. Recommended Ride Height:

    • Min/Max: 45in/63in

  11. Transmission:

    • Chain Drive

  12. Throttle:

    • Foot pedal

  13. Brake:

    • Foot operated Cable Rear Disc

  14. Parking Brake:

    • Yes

  15. Safety Features:

    • Seat Belt

    • Full Roll Bar

    • Netting

    • Full chain guard

  16. Frame:

    • High-Tensile Steel Tubular

  17. Wheels:

    • 14x4.00-6 (6001 Bearing Size)

  18. Axle Bearing Size:

    • 6205

  19. Go Kart Size:

    • 57x33x44 inches

  20. Go Kart Weight:

    • 150 lbs

  21. Box Size:

    • 53x30x24 inches

  22. Box Weight:

    • 181 lbs

  23. Warranty:

    • 60 days parts replacement

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