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Grandmas Country Dough Enhancer

Grandmas Country Dough Enhancer

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  • Create Consistent Dough: The perfect dough with this dough enhancer for bread making and get better tasting bread over and over again. Avoid inconsistencies in large batches of dough by adding in the bread improver to each batch.

  • Bake like a Professional: Professional commercial bakers use Dough Enhancer in modest amounts as a bread improver for baking. Improve the texture and appearance of your breads, pastries, and even pizza doughs, and achieve better flavor.

  • The Secret to Great Bread : Grandmas Country Foods Dough Enhancer is a bread improver powder that strengthens the gluten and starch of your dough to create smoother, longer lasting bread loaves, and dough. Create a better tasting dough with a more consistent texture.

  • Suitable for All Flours : When using Grandmas Country Foods Dough Enhancer for whole wheat bread, add Scratch Vital Wheat Gluten to the mix to achieve the ideal texture.

  • Grandmas Country Foods Dough Enhancer can be added to improve the lightness and texture of breads and other baked goods. For best results, the gluten in the flour must be fully developed. Dough Enhancer is also perfect for most baking needs including: rolls, pizza dough, cakes, cookies, scones and muffins!

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