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Bixpy Power Pole Adapter (J-2 & K-1 Motors)

Bixpy Power Pole Adapter (J-2 & K-1 Motors)

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Power Pole WillFit Adapter | Bixpy Adapters

  • The Bixpy Power Pole Adapter is a convenient way to add a Bixpy Motor to your kayak.

  • It can be easily attached to your standard Micro Power Pole adapter slot without any tools.

  • If your kayak requires a special mounting plate, you can get it from your kayak manufacturer to make installation easier.

  • If your kayak doesn't have a power pole mount, this adapter can still be used as long as there is a flat area in the rear of your kayak to accommodate it.

  • Customers can download the adapter's outline to ensure it fits their kayak properly.

  • It's important to get the right Bixpy adapter for your watercraft on the official website.

  • ****Note that the Pole Steering shown in some pictures is not included in the adapter kit and must be purchased separately.


  • Allows quick release for swift entry and exit from water

  • Equipped with a hinge that enables motor to be lifted completely out of water

  • Distance from bottom of plate to bottom of motor ranges from 9.5" to 14.5"

  • Recommended placement of the motor's bottom should be 3" to 5" below the waterline, and adjusted as needed in choppy water.

  • Offers 270° of rotational trim with set screws in place; remove set screws to activate the steering

  • Built to last with water-proof, dirt-proof, and corrosion-resistant housing and components

  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use with marine-grade stainless steel components


  • Bixpy Power Pole Adapter

  • All necessary hardware for attachment to Power Pole ready kayaks

  • Pole Steering Adapter (Adapter illustrated is not included and must be purchased separately)

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