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Set of 2 Berkey Authentic Black Berkey Elements (BB9-2) and 2 Berkey PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements - Combo Pack

Set of 2 Berkey Authentic Black Berkey Elements (BB9-2) and 2 Berkey PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements - Combo Pack

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Protect your family's well-being with the authentic Berkey Black Berkey Elements and PF-2 Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Elements Combo Pack. This powerful filtration system removes a staggering 99.999% of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and unwanted chemicals –  all without electricity or complex plumbing.

Black berkey elements filter typical contaminants that could be present in tap water and raw, freshwater sources such as lakes, rivers and ponds- choose only black berkey elements. there are no substitutes for berkey performance and quality.

Berkey PF-2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements are designed for use in conjunction with black berkey elements to adsorb fluoride, arsenic(v) and pre-oxidized arsenic(iii), and other residual typical heavy metal ions.

Economical, long-lasting- a pair of black berkey elements lasts for up to 6,000 gallons before replacement is recommended, depending on the quality of influent water.

Each additional pair of elements (sold separately) adds an additional 6,000 gallons of contaminant reduction to your system before replacement is recommended. 

Berkey PF-2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements should be replaced after 1,000 gallons of use, under normal conditions.

Berkey water systems has used several independent third-party labs to test a broad range of typical contaminants found in freshwater sources including tap water, and has conducted extreme testing for lead and PFCS to show the effectiveness of black berkey elements.

Size 4 Piece Set
Material Carbon Fiber
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.3 x 7.6 x 10.3 inches
Item Weight 1.7 Pounds
External Testing Certification NSF, ANSI
Brand Berkey

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Customer Reviews

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Rick U
At Last! A supplier for my Berkey!!!

I've been waiting and waiting for Berkey to have their filters back in stock, but due to the illegal overreach of the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA. I was overjoyed to find that Safecastle not only had stock, they weren't marking them up!!! I appreciate the ease of ordering and the fast shipping! I look forward to buying more supplies and appliances from them as they have a great variety and selection.