Storm Shelters




Safecastle shelters are designed by a structural engineer certified in every one of the continental United States.

Our Storm Shelters (and fallout shelters) meet or exceed all F.E.M.A. guidelines.

Our shelters are designed and certified to withstand an F-5 tornado and then some. Many shelters on the market are made for 250mph winds (up to a medium-range F-4 tornado). Our shelters are built to hold off any F-5 winds and beyond, up to 330mph! (Not seen on THIS planet!)

Maximizing your long-term investment, Safecastle shelters have corrosion protection (double coated and equipped with magnesium anodes) that can triple the life of the shelters over many of our competitors' storm shelters and fallout shelters. They are engineered to last 90 years and are lifetime guaranteed for structural integrity!


We install many storm shelters above ground and they are fully as strong as those that go underground. One new option we are offering is a 10-foot wide drive-in, above-ground storm shelter to protect you AND your vehicle from damages in a storm. Be sure to contact us for a quote on that option.

An underground shelter can be installed in your yard, abutting up to your existing foundation (taking necessary precautions to maintain the stability of your foundation), or under new construction.

Installing an underground shelter under your home, we can position things so that the shelter door entrance can come up into a closet, bedroom, or anywhere you need it to be.

Peace of Mind

Shelters built and installed by our builder have saved lives in tornados and hurricanes alike.

In fact, an above-ground shelter sustained no damage whatsoever, protecting a customer and his wife in Lousiana as the eyewall of Hurricane Katrina passed overhead twice, otherwise devastating the neighborhood and region. In fact, the customer never even lost power as they had their own attached generator shelter that allowed them to keep their lights and TV on throughout the disastrous storm.





Note: Delivery charges for your shelter are based on the shelter size and mileage from our factory to your site.