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Yoder's Canned Pork Meat Case - 12 Cans | Emergency Food Storage, 10+ Year Shelf Life | Ready Now Foods

Yoder's Canned Pork Meat Case - 12 Cans | Emergency Food Storage, 10+ Year Shelf Life | Ready Now Foods

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 10-Year Emergency Food Supply (12 Cans)

Stock your pantry with Yoder's Canned Pork Meat Case, a shelf-stable protein powerhouse that lasts for 10+ years!  No refrigeration is needed, making it perfect for emergency preparedness, camping trips, or just keeping on hand for those busy nights.

This canned pork is pre-cooked and requires no prep work. Enjoy it straight from the can, or heat it for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Yoder's Canned Pork is low-fat and gluten-free and made with just pork, water, and salt. It's a versatile protein option in countless recipes, from hearty stews to scrambled eggs.

Each case contains 12 (28 oz) cans, providing 21 pounds of protein. The resealable cans ensure freshness and portion control.

  • Size  :  1.75 Pound (Pack of 12)

  • Flavor  : pork

  • Item Weight  :  12 x 24 x 6 inches; 21 Pounds

Made in the USA with Quality You Can Trust:  Yoder's sources their pork from US farm-raised animals, inspected by the USDA.  Canned under the strictest quality standards, this product is designed for optimal taste and safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Monica PUlver
Best Product & Service

I have been ordering the Yoder's Pork Cans for a few years from SafeCastle and never has there been an issue of importance, and when little things came up, the team fixed the matter immediately, responding professionally and timely. I highly recommend SafeCastle.

Greg Paul
Good product

perfect in stews

The best long term food for storage

I used to sell Yoder products in 1999 at a surplus store. We did cooking classes on weekends using Yoder products and dried fruit and veggies. Everyone, including myself, raved about all the Yoder products. Pork chunks were the favorite followed by the sausage gravy. You can use it for long-term food storage or everyday meals, it's that delicious. All their products have excellent flavor and are super easy to make into delicious meals.