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SAFECASTLE Emergency Mylar Blankets | Thermal First Aid Foil Blanket

SAFECASTLE Emergency Mylar Blankets | Thermal First Aid Foil Blanket

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Superior Heat Retention and High-Quality Mylar

Stay warm in cold environments with SAFECASTLE Emergency Mylar Blankets. Designed to reflect and retain body heat, these thermal blankets help prevent hypothermia. Constructed from durable, reflective Mylar material, they provide essential protection and peace of mind during extreme weather conditions, outdoor adventures, or emergency situations.

Lightweight, Portable, and Multi-Purpose

Each blanket is ultra-light and compact, making it easy to store in emergency kits, backpacks, car glove compartments, or even a pocket. Ideal for various scenarios including emergencies, camping, hiking, and outdoor activities, they can also be used as ground covers, sunshades, or temporary shelters.

Versatile and Reliable Weather Protection

Our Mylar blankets are large enough to cover most adults yet fold down to a compact size for easy transport and storage. They provide excellent protection against wind, rain, and snow, ensuring you stay dry and warm. Made from tear-resistant and waterproof Mylar material, these blankets are built to withstand harsh conditions. The bright, reflective surface can also be used to signal for help, increasing your chances of being spotted by rescuers.

Premium Quality and Easy Storage

The aluminized double-sided Mylar blanket preserves body temperature in emergency survival situations. Each emergency blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and access. Easily stash them in your backpack, car, handbag, and more.

Ideal for Every Adventure

Whether you're hiking, running, camping, or preparing for emergencies, our Mylar blankets are a must-have. They help protect against wind and snow, retain up to 90% of body heat, and are waterproof. These survival tools are crucial for maintaining warmth and safety in cold environments, offering reliable protection in a compact form.

Emergency Preparedness and Signaling

In addition to providing warmth, our Mylar blankets serve as an effective signaling device. The reflective surface can be used to attract attention from rescuers by reflecting sunlight or flashlight beams.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Polyethylene

  • Color: Silver


  • Special Feature: Waterproof

  • Style: Modern

  • Blanket Form: Emergency Blanket

  • Age Range: Unisex

  • Product Dimensions: 51"L x 82.68"W

  • Pattern: Solid

  • Seasons: Winter

  • Size: Pack of 10

  • Fabric Type: Polyethylene

  • Fabric Warmth: Lightweight

  • Sport: Camping, Hiking

  • UPC: 198168856161

  • Manufacturer: SAFECASTLE

  • ASIN: B0D54NQ6G9

  • Country of Origin: USA

  • Date First Available: May 22, 2024

How to Use

  1. Unfold the Blanket: Carefully open the package and unfold the Mylar blanket.

  2. Wrap Around the Body: Drape the blanket over your body, ensuring full coverage to trap body heat.

  3. Use as a Shelter: In case of need, use the blanket as an emergency shelter by creating a makeshift tent or cover.

  4. Signal for Help: The reflective surface can be used to signal rescuers by reflecting sunlight or flashlight beams.

Be prepared for any emergency with SAFECASTLE Emergency Mylar Blankets. These versatile and reliable thermal blankets provide essential warmth, protection, and peace of mind during outdoor adventures and emergency situations. Ensure your safety and well-being with this must-have survival tool.

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Stay Warm and Protected with Durable, Compact Emergency Mylar Blankets – Essential for Survival and Outdoor Adventures:-

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"Ultimate Protection for Every Adventure: Emergency Mylar Blankets - Your All-in-One Solution for Camping, Summer, Cold Weather, Survival, Backpacking, Triathlons, and Emergencies!"

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Mylar Blanket for Outdoor Use is an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast, providing crucial warmth and protection in a lightweight, compact package. Made from high-quality Mylar material, these blankets are designed to reflect body heat, shield against the elements, and ensure your safety in emergency situations

Mylar Blanket for Camping is an essential piece of gear for any camper, providing reliable warmth and protection in a compact, easy-to-carry form. Crafted from high-quality Mylar material, this blanket is designed to reflect body heat, safeguard against harsh weather, and ensure your comfort and safety in the great outdoors.

Mylar Blanket for Summer is a versatile and essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts, providing reliable protection and numerous uses even in warm weather. Made from high-quality reflective Mylar material, these blankets are designed to help with temperature regulation, emergency signaling, and protection from the elements.

Mylar Blanket for Cold Weather is an essential tool for maintaining warmth & safety in cold environments. Crafted from high-quality reflective Mylar material, these blankets are designed to trap body heat, provide insulation & protect against harsh weather conditions, making them a vital addition to any emergency kit.

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Mylar Blanket for Survival is a crucial tool for emergency preparedness, providing essential warmth & protection in critical situations. Crafted from durable, reflective Mylar material, these blankets are designed to help regulate body temperature & serve as a signaling device, ensuring safety & survival in challenging environments.

Mylar Blanket for Backpacking is an essential addition to your outdoor gear, offering lightweight and compact emergency protection for your adventures. Crafted from durable Mylar material, these blankets are designed to provide warmth, shelter, and visibility in emergency situations.

Mylar Blankets for Triathlons are a must-have emergency item for endurance athletes, providing essential warmth, protection, and visibility during and after the race. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, they offer peace of mind knowing you're prepared for whatever challenges the race may bring.

Mylar blankets are an essential component of any emergency preparedness plan, providing reliable protection & warmth. Whether you're facing the aftermath of a natural disaster or simply exploring the great outdoors, having a Mylar blanket on hand can make all the difference in ensuring your safety and well-being.

Massive Survival Mylar Blanket – Ultimate Weather Protection and Heat Retention for Any Emergency:-

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Emergency Mylar Blankets are an essential tool for anyone looking to stay prepared for unexpected situations. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a traveler, or simply someone who values preparedness, these blankets offer peace of mind and practical protection when you need it most.

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