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Future essential Canned Granulated White Sugar

Future essential Canned Granulated White Sugar

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Canned White Sugar

Mfg. Date: 2023

This is a variation listing with 1 can and 6 Cans, 12 cans options.

Item Weight 25 oz (708g) per can
Case Dimension 21 x 18 x 7 inches
Case Weight 300 oz (18 Pounds) (8.5kg)
Number of items 12 Cans 
Case Dimension 15 x 12 x 6 inches
Case Weight 150 oz (9 Pounds) (4.2kg)
Number of items 6 Cans
Can Size #2.5
Shelf Life
25 years

100% US made, packaged exclusively for us under our label and unavailable elsewhere.

Future Essentials Canned Granulated White Sugar is ideal for busy people who need sugar on hand without worrying about it going bad, long-term storage solutions or products processed without chemicals.

With commodity costs on the rise, this food storage option makes an ideal addition to your program and provides an invaluable hedge against future price increases. Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed for long-term protection - potentially lasting years!

Future Essentials Canned Granulated White Sugar is an indispensable ingredient for baking, cooking, and sweetening beverages. Used to craft an array of cakes, cookies, pies, breads and sauces; in addition to sweetening coffee and tea drinks.

How to use:

  • It can be used just like regular granulated white sugar, simply by adding it into recipes as needed.

  • To open the can safely and without risk of cutting yourself on its sharp edges. Utilise a can opener when opening it if necessary to safely open its lid and access its contents.

  • Once the can is open, transfer its contents to a resealable container to maintain freshness and prevent it from clumping together.

Ingredients: Granulated white sugar

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

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