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Boost Oxygen Large Natural Camo 10 Liter Canister (4 Pack)

Boost Oxygen Large Natural Camo 10 Liter Canister (4 Pack)

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Respiratory Support For Aerobic Recovery Altitude Performance And Health

This 4-pack of Boost Oxygen Large Natural Camo Canisters provides a convenient and portable way to experience the invigorating benefits of supplemental oxygen. Each 10-liter canister holds enough for over 200 1-second inhalations (actual number may vary depending on inhalation depth and duration).

Key Features:

  • Large, 10-Liter Canister (4 Pack): Each canister provides approximately 200 one-second inhalations, offering a long-lasting supply for individual or shared use.

  • Natural & Safe: Contains 95% pure, odorless, and tasteless Aviator's Breathing Oxygen. Free of additives and harsh chemicals.

  • Portable & Convenient: Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry in a gym bag, backpack, or purse for on-the-go use.

  • Recyclable Packaging: Made from 100% recyclable aluminum and plastic components, minimizing environmental impact.

  • Easy to Use: Simple one-touch operation with a comfortable cannula for inhalation.

Who Needs Boost Oxygen?

Athletes: Enhance recovery after intense workouts by increasing oxygen intake to tired muscles.

Travelers: Combat altitude sickness or jet lag by supplementing oxygen levels, especially at high elevations.

Those in Low-Oxygen Environments: People living or working in areas with high pollution or low oxygen levels can benefit from short-term supplemental oxygen.

Everyday Use: Boost Oxygen can be used for general alertness, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

95% Oxygen, Manufactured By Our Team in Milford, CT, USA Made in our own manufacturing facility in the USA utilizing sophisticated pressure filling machines and a state-of-the-art bulk liquid oxygen tank, our oxygen canisters go through rigorous and stringent quality control measures in-house by our dedicated staff, then are independently lab tested, approved, and certified. We post these results on our website for all to see. We are the only company to manufacture all of our cans in-house, and the only company to provide independent test results. Beware of false claims and faulty canisters offered by other sources.
Help Is Here! Our lightweight, easy-to-use and completely recyclable canisters are designed to fit perfectly in your bag, allowing you to take them on the go. Whether you're hiking, working out at the gym, or simply in need of a boost anywhere, Boost Oxygen is always at your fingertips. Breathe Smarter With Boost Oxygen Boost Oxygen is ideal for those recovering from strenuous physical activities or in need of a breather due to environmental factors. By providing supplemental oxygen, Boost Oxygen could help you recover faster, allowing you to get back to your optimal performance level in no time.
Put the "Breath" Back in Breathless Out of breath? Winded? The mission of Boost Oxygen has not changed since 2007- to make limited quantity supplemental oxygen accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere for any non-medical purpose without a prescription. It is the quintessential all-natural respiratory support product. Before Boost Oxygen, supplemental oxygen was not available to the general public. We changed that. Now athletes, senior citizens, altitude seekers, students, and many more seeking to add more oxygen for any reason look to Boost Oxygen as their most trusted solution.
Six Varieties to Choose From In addition to NATURAL (which has no aroma), we also offer: REVIVE (Peppermint), BALANCE (Pink Grapefruit), BREATHE (Menthol- Eucalyptus), SPORT (Orange), and FOCUS (Rosemary). Boost Oxygen not only can provide you with respiratory support but can also provide amazing aromatherapy benefits. We are the ultimate recovery, performance, and overall health product.
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