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Wertz's Home Grown Premium Canned Beef, 28 oz

Wertz's Home Grown Premium Canned Beef, 28 oz

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GMO-Free USDA Canned Ground Beef - 28Oz for Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking - Wertz's Ready to Eat Emergency Survival Food. Besides being USDA-approved, every can of beef will contain the best cuts of meat, including filets, ribeyes, New York strips, porterhouses, and more! Farm-raised meat that is free of antibiotics and hormones.

Available in 22 cans,12 cans, 5 cans, 1 can

✅ Homegrown, all-natural, antibiotic & growth hormone free.

✅ The gourmet canned beef available on the market.

✅ All the angus beef cuts in one can.

✅ Make delicious preparations such as BBQ beef sandwiches, enchiladas, loaded nachos, beef burgundy and more.

✅ Wertz family has been raising beef in north west Ohio since 1852.

✅ Imported from USA.

PROTEIN-PACKED Snack : Wertz's Original Beef is a great source of protein; it's a yummy snack the whole family will love.

A must-have snack to help keep you satisfied and energized all day long, our ingredients provide critical nutrients and calories.

The best quality beef on the market, Wertz's Beef is made from 100% high quality premium beef with no added preservatives.

You can prepare it easily, and it's great for picnics and camping trips, Adding delicious protein to any meal or emergency preparedness stash.

Storage in a cool, dry place at optimum temperature will prolong the shelf life as long as 25+ years. Actual shelf life may vary depending on storage conditions.

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Skyler Moorhouse
Insane battery life and crazy acceleration. Very good bike.

This is an incredible build. Very sexy looking bike, and rides very well in sand or gravel. You can tell the manufacturer maximized space in the battery tray because of the shape of the battery. The headlight is really crappy but overall best bike Ive had!