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MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS Whole Egg Crystals Pasteurized Dried Egg Powder 8 Oz Great for Breakfast and Camping Meals

MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS Whole Egg Crystals Pasteurized Dried Egg Powder 8 Oz Great for Breakfast and Camping Meals

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Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals - Your Ultimate Culinary Companion

Discover the convenience and versatility of Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals, crafted from pure egg ingredients without any preservatives or chemicals. This innovative product offers the flavor and nutrition of fresh eggs in a shelf-stable format, ideal for camping, emergency preparedness, or everyday cooking adventures.

Product Features:

  • Pure and Natural: Made from real eggs, our Whole Egg Crystals deliver authentic flavor and quality without compromising on freshness. Each serving is packed with 6g of protein, 29.25mg of calcium, and only 70 calories, ensuring a nutritious boost to your meals.

  • Long-lasting Shelf Stability: Enjoy the benefits of whole eggs in a powdered form that can be stored for years without losing taste or nutrients. Whether you're planning for emergency situations or outdoor expeditions, these Whole Egg Crystals provide a reliable source of protein anywhere, anytime.

  • Versatile Usage: From baking to cooking and everything in between, Whole Egg Crystals can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide range of recipes. Use them for scrambled eggs, omelets, baking cookies, cakes, or even as a binding agent in savory dishes.

Cooking Instructions:

Reconstituting Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals is easy:

  1. Mix the desired amount of Egg Powder with cold water.
  2. Whisk until thoroughly blended.
  3. Cook as you would with fresh eggs—scramble, bake, or use in your favorite recipes.

Why Choose Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals?

  • Convenience: Enjoy the taste and nutrition of fresh eggs without the need for refrigeration.
  • Quality Ingredients: Crafted from dried whole eggs, yolks, and egg whites for a genuine egg experience.
  • Emergency Preparedness: An essential addition to your emergency food supplies, ensuring protein-rich meals during unexpected situations.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Lightweight and easy to pack, perfect for camping, backpacking, and hiking trips.

Explore Endless Possibilities:

  • Create fluffy omelets on the go.
  • Bake delicious cookies with ease.
  • Whip up savory quiches and creamy custards.
  • Add protein to your favorite salads or baked goods.

Elevate Your Cooking Experience:

Unlock the ultimate convenience and flavor with Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals. Whether you're an avid camper, a home chef, or preparing for emergencies, our Whole Egg Crystals are your trusted companion for nourishment and culinary creativity.

Experience the freshness of eggs anytime, anywhere with Mountain Essentials Whole Egg Crystals—the versatile solution for your cooking adventures!

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