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MotoTec Drifter 48v 800w Electric Trike Lithium

MotoTec Drifter 48v 800w Electric Trike Lithium

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Check out the new MotoTec 800-watt drifter trike - one of the best electric 3-wheelers in the market! This high-powered e-trike is perfect for both adults and kids, and guarantees to deliver thrilling speeds and precise drifts.

Featuring a front-powered wheel, it allows the rider to have better control and stability than a rear-powered model. Powered by an 800w 48v hub motor with a 48v 17.5ah lithium battery, it reaches up to 25 mph speeds. It has extended, comfortable footrests, an adjustable handlebar, and a front hydraulic disk brake for maximum safety.

And the best part? The seat folds down, making it a foldable electric trike that is easy to store and transport! So, get ready to experience the ultimate electric drift trike adventure with the MotoTec 48v 800w!

Product Details:

  1. Motor Power: 800 Watt Brushless Hub Motor

  2. Battery: 48v/17.5ah Lithium

  3. Max Weight Capacity: 240 lbs.

  4. Recommended Age: 13 and up

  5. Charger: Included

  6. Battery Life: Over 300 charges

  7. Rated Speed: 22 MPH (weight dependent)

  8. Range per Charge: 10-20 Miles*

  9. Recharge Time: 4-8 hrs

  10. Brakes: Front Hydraulic Disk

  11. Climbing Ability: 15 Degrees

  12. Seat: Wide Saddle/Foldable

  13. Front Wheel Diameter: 18x3.0

  14. Rear Tires Diameter: 10x4.5-5

  15. Box Weight: 125 lbs

  16. Box Size: 38x32x22 inches

  17. Trike Size: 49x30x49 inches

  18. Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

Certification and Warning:

  • CEC Certified: The product is certified for sale in California.

  • Warning: The product contains chemicals, including Chromium, known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, you can refer to

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