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Future Essentials Shortening Powder (Case of 12 cans )

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#2.5 Can /12oz

Dehydrated shortening powder can be used in any recipe that calls for shortening (not recommended for deep-fat frying). Shortening provides a light, fluffy, and flaky texture to your baked goods. For frying, sprinkle a small amount of powder into a pan. The shortening powder quickly turns to liquid shortening as the pan heats (ideal for pan fry cooking). For baking, powdered shortening can be blended with other dry ingredients. Shortening powder is a great time saver and convenience adder for everyday cooking.

shortening powder

Instructions: To obtain optimum texture, add 1/3 cup water to ½ cup shortening powder and mix well. For added texture and flavor, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Also can be used in any recipe that calls for shortening.

Shelf Life:
3-5 years sealed under ideal storage conditions (cool,dry place)

Ingredients: Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate, and mono & diglycerides

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