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M. Brooks: "The service is incredible; each time I have contacted Safecastle, I get an immediate response. The owner's always been kind, considerate and very professional and stands behind his word. The membership perks--phenomenal. Safecastle is really a ministry to those trying to prepare ... truly a first rate outfit, selling quality products at a reasonable price, owned and operated by a man who has a servant’s heart."
William J.: "... getting 25% off MH cases wasn't enough. Now you're getting me over 50% off this purchase! You've saved me a bunch of money. Thanks for your outstanding shop and such great prices. Ya'll have one of the greatest operations going … and believe me, I DO shop around."
Jeffrey P.: "Excellent customer service is so rare these days that when you experience it you are somewhat surprised. As a fellow business owner, I certainly appreciate and applaud the manner in which you run your business. Being able to resolve this matter at 9:48 on a Friday evening is simply incredible."

M.M.: "I just want you to know how awesome and fast your shipping and service is. I think you already know this, but it doesn't hurt to mention it :) There are a couple of other major online stores that I placed orders over 6 weeks ago that have yet to ship. You all must be very hard working folk. Thanks!"

Dave W: "Thank you so much for running a store that provides excellent customer service andsome I didn't even  sells quality products at reasonable prices. The Steelhead Adventure medical kits came today and I am once again impressed. I have shopped at other preparedness websites and I have yet to come across one that is as responsive to customers and potential customers as yours is. I have sent emails a couple times to you asking for more information when trying to compare products. You have always answered my questions fully as well as answering think to ask. Keep up the good work."

C.W.: "Wow! You guys are even greater than the greatness you have already proven to me!!"

J.H.: "Great customer support! Amazing deals and bonuses! Thank you."

Craig: "Wow, what a sale! Thanks!"

Steve: "You have very good customer service and I am recommending your company to everyone I know ... I wish all business people I deal with were this good. You are sure to be a continued success."

AR: "God bless you, sir, for helping people put a little food security into their future. I was pleased with the purchases made with your company. You are good people, and I'm proud to know you."

Be ready & save big: 

Solar HYDRO Backpack Fresh Water Purification Plant

List: $1,397.00
SALE PRICE: $1,197.00
Save: $200.00 (14 %)

on sale


The HYDRO will provide up to 30-40 gallons of fresh, clean drinking water on one charge and up to 100 GALLONS per DAY [via the included power supply]. The HYDRO provides a purified flow at 1 gallon per minute and cleanses a tremendous amount of water, in a short amount of time.


The HYDRO is easily transported to ANY location worldwide. It weighs only 25lbs and can be backpacked, carried, or PULLED like Luggage via the convenient retractable handle and trolley system!

Aquanetics H2o manufactures each system using the highest quality components. This ensures that you are provided with the purest water possible!

Component Certifications include:
NSF 42, 51, 61 / USPVI Medical Grade / FDA / Bacteria Resistant protective cover / Water Resistant backpack / EXCEEDS World Health Organization Standards

Solar HYDRO comes complete with:
1-HYDRO Purification System
1-Folding Solar Array [21w / 18v] with connections
1- 110v Float Charger
1- 12v power supply
1- .5 micron GAC filter
3- 1 micron sediment filters
1- canister wrench
1- Stage 1 Inlet Hose with screen with connect
1- Purified Water Outlet hose with connect
1-Stabilizer Cylinder

*Appx. Weight-25lbs
*System Power- 12v
*Production- 30-40 Gallons on one charge / Up To 100 Gallons per Day (via power supply provided)
*4 Stage Germicidal System -Uv C- 254nm / 14w
*Component Certifications: NSF 42, 51, 61 / USPVI Medical Grade / FDA / *EXCEEDS World Health Organizations Standards / Bacteria Resistant Protective Cover / Water Resistant Backpack


  • Cleanse most any fresh water source to 99.9% purity at 1gpm / 30-40 gallons on 1 charge and UP TO 100 gallons per day
  •  Removes and reduces water borne bacteria, viruses, and pathogens [down to .5 micron] - Bad Taste and Sediment , Pesticides and Herbicides, Smell and Odors, VOC’s , Chlorine and by products, Harmful Chemicals, Contaminants, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Entamoeba Cysts, Toxoplasma Cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium Cysts, and many other pathogens.
  •  Disinfect with the ability to kill [to a 99.9% purity]:
    E-coli, Enteric Fever, Hepatitis, Coliform, Cholera, Jaundice, Influenza Virus, Enteric Fever, Typhoid, Legionella, Polio, Salmonella, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Bacteria, Viruses, and Many other microorganisms
  •  Portable- Backpack or Pull like Luggage - easily deployed to ANY worldwide location
  •  Solar - recharge your HYDRO ANYWHERE in the world WITHOUT an electrical grid
  •  Tremendous Amount of Water Production in a Short amount of time
  •  Exceeds World Health Organization Standards
  •  Applications Include: C.E.R.T teams, Disaster Response, Preparedness, Military Ops, Missionaries, Hunters and Outfitters, Camping and Hiking, Remote Villages and worldwide Locations, and many other applications.


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LG.: "Wow is all I can definitely made a customer for life and I will be posting how well you have taken care of this issue on facebook ...I  will also be spreading the word to all of my biker and survival friends ... I'm still at a loss for words other than thank you very much and I am sure karma will be giving back to you two-fold.

Gail S.:
"Your Customer Service is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Thank you for that and for your excellent products and deals."

As a 15-year veteran of the customer service industry, I have always worked to provide my customers with World Class Service. As a result, I hold the yardstick VERY high when I find myself in the role of befuddled customer. In the 18 hours since I became a customer, Safecastle has gone light years beyond my every expectation. Quick response to my emails, willingness to explore all possible resolutions, and the way they took OWNERSHIP of my issues (no matter how small) have all astounded me. I honestly wish I had found Safecastle sooner, so I could have already told everyone who would listen where they can find truly World Class Service."

N.S.: "Wow. Thanks for the quick response. I must say, Jack Spirko's endorsement of your business caused me to choose you over any competitors, and he is spot on about your customer service. Thanks so much!"

Judie: "Thank you for making shopping so easy ... and the sale prices so good!"

Adam: "Thank you! You're running a great business."

Ed F: "I wanted to thank you for the way you run your business and the service you provide. It is a pleasure to do business with you. You treat customers like friends and it is appreciated. My last purchase, the AEB Ox, happened because your personal recommendation in an email got me to look more carefully at it. Thanks."

Al M. (via BBB): "This is the best customer service I've received from any company anywhere. Fast service. Pricing is always fair and sometimes great! They do what they say they will do and have never let me down. This is a world class organization."

Janet: "I have found it a great experience doing business with your company, not only today, but also in the past. It is a pleasure to find a company today that takes care of their customers. You present great products and offer very nice savings opportunities to your membership. I have shared this message with my friends and they have place orders and were pleased. Thank you and may your business be blessed."