Slingbow Slingshot - Yshoot 17/45 Destructor Kit w 5 arrows

$99.50 $111.00

This unique package from Safecastle includes a strong double elastic 17/45 tube, total of 5 full-size carbon fiber arrows and 50 8mm stainless steel hunting balls.

A pocket-size slingshot is a useful thing to have for a variety of reasons. Fun to shoot and practice with--it can also provide peace of mind on a hike or a stroll thru uncharted territory. 

This complete kit has everything you need for the hike and the hunt in one affordable package. The slingshot is rugged polycarbonate

  • - A Yshoot slingshot - the brand 80% of the pros use

    An elastic tube kit:  BLACK HUNTER 17/45

    - A bow arrow rest

    - 5 full-size carbon fiber arrows

    50 stainless steel balls 8mm

    - A magnetic Neo-6x loader

    - A black microfiber pouch (not for the arrows)

    - A Yshoot.com sticker

  • Made in France

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