XMRE Halal 1000 Meals Ready to Eat | Military Grade MREs Survival Food | 12 Survival Food Kits | Emergency Preparedness Items | Emergency Food Supplies | 12 Meals with 6 Menus

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  • HALAL CERTIFIED: XMREs meals are packed fresh and certified and compliant with all standards in accordance to Sharia Laws & Regulations. Each case contains 12 rations with 6 menu options. Each meal provides 900-1,100 calories of high quality nourishment.
  • EMERGENCY & LAW ENFORCEMENT: XMREs provide maximum nourishment to first responders & public servants for sustained energy. This great tasting kit is fully cooked right out of the pouch for civilians and NGOs in emergency & natural disaster contexts.
  • PORTABLE BALANCED NUTRITION: These delicious Halal menus are nutrient diverse and can be heated in the pouch by the flameless heater. No water or refrigeration needed! When taste and nutrition matter, don’t settle for dehydrated dried meals, choose XMRE!
  • LONG SHELF LIFE: Each survival food meal kit is lightweight, self contained and pre-packaged with utensils in our specially designed portable tamper and water proof pouch. Guaranteed 3 year extended shelf life with proper storage.
  • TRUSTED BY EXPERTS:  Made in the USA. XMREs exceed the highest military standards and critical requirements of government institutions, global humanitarian relief organizations, emergency preparedness, survivalists, outdoorsmen and first responders.

Product Description

XRME The new generation of ready to eat meals
XRME The new generation of ready to eat meals
XRME Ready for you on the battlefield
XRME Ready to eat meals features
XRME Made for your outdoor adventures

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