X-Pack Military Water Filter


  • The X-Pack provides up to 55 liters of clean drink from nearly any surface water source over a ten day period. 
  • Purity levels are comparable to reverse osmosis systems, and the filter meets EPA standards for the removal of biological pathogens (viruses, bacteria, cysts).
  • Used by soldiers to drink the floodwaters in New Orleans, you can trust the X-Pack to provide safe and simple filtration wherever you are.
  • The X-Pack is simple enough for a child to use. 
  • Just put dirty water into the red port, and one sports syrup charge into the green port. 
  • The water will be filtered by the advanced forward osmosis membrane as it is drawn into the X-Pack's inner chamber. 
  • When the process is complete, simply pour the clean drink out and restart the system. 
  • No purifying chemicals are required, nor is any power input needed other than the sports drink syrup charges that drive the filtration process by osmosis. 
  • The X-Pack will reduce water logistics by a factor of 15, and provide safe, hassle-free fluids from even muddy sources without clogging.
  • Includes 10 syrup packs.

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