Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage-55 Serving Variety Pack

$71.99 $169.00

Valley Food Storage-55 Serving Variety Pack

55 Servings
8 Lbs
No Drink Mix
No Fillers
25 Year Shelf Life
No Preservatives/No Additives

1 Week Food Variety Kit

Our 1 week Food supply is a great way to start your food storage supply or add to your existing food storage reserves. All of our food storage kits are designed to make the planning and preparation process extremely easy. This value kit includes 55 servings of great tasting, healthy, just-add-water meals and is designed to be enough food for 1 person, for 1 week. While testing our own food storage supplies, we quickly learned how much work it can be to prepare a meal from the typical food storage supplies such as raw wheat, flour, and sugar. As a result, all of our meals are designed to be made quickly and easily with minimal preparation *Portions of your order may be substituted based on availability of products.