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Through the Wall Kit


Through-the-Wall Kit

This easy-to-install kit allows you to route your intake hose through a wall. It comes complete with everything necessary to install it - except for a few simple hand tools.

This kit allows you to convey air through a wall - without letting the air leak into the inside of wall. It has a duct that goes through the wall with adapters on each end that allow you to quick-connect the safe cell on one side of the wall and have one of two adapters on the other side: either an outside water-shedding hood or an inside register grill. Whether you are going from your safe room to the outside or to an adjacent room, this kit has everything you need.

Also included is a gate valve that will seal the duct so that humidity cannot migrate up through the duct, through the intake hose of the Safe Cell and moisten the carbon absorber - lessening it's life. This gate valve can be instantly opened by hand when turning on the Safe Cell. Shown below, it's in its up (or open) position:

The Through the Wall Kit from the outside after the hood has been painted to match the exterior color of a home

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