Superdroids 4WD WiFi All Terrain Robot


• Ready to use 4WD WiFi (PC) controlled surveillance robot
• Rugged aluminum frame
• Pan and tilt system with camera
• Handheld WiFi remote control included
• Note: painted chassis and LEDs are upgrade options
• One month lead time required 

This SuperDroids 4WD WiFi Controlled ATR (all-terrain robot) is controlled from a PC using a WiFi connection. The robot also has an IP camera mounted on a pan and tilt system so you can see where you are going and look around. The pan rotates more than 360 degrees and the tilt rotates from -10 to +45 degrees. The robot itself is extremely rugged and well built. The wheels are axle mounted and are supported using sealed ball bearings.

Control options
• The included gamepad remote control allows you to drive the robot and control pan/tilt
• Connect to the robot using WiFi and use your mouse to control the robot
• If you set up your router with port forwarding, you can control and monitor your robot from anywhere that has internet access with your program.

• Base is ~12.25" wide x 17.25" long
• Ground clearance of about 2 5/16"
• Width with the wheels is ~21" and the length is ~21.5".
• Frame is made from 1/8” thick laser-cut aluminum

What's Included:
• 1x ATR Welded Aluminum Base for 32mm Motors
• 1x ATR and Vectoring Robot Hardware Kit
• 2x ATR Wheel and Shaft Set Pair - Large
• 4x Electric Motor Hookup Kit
• 1x Electric Power Hookup Kit
• 2x 15 Amp Connector Set
• 4x IG32P 24VDC 190 RPM Gear Motor
• 4x PWM Motor Controller 3A 12-55V
• 1x Smart Charger for 19.2V - 24V NiMH and NiCad
• 2x 12V 4000 mAHr NiMH 2x5 Battery Pack
• 1x TRENDnet PoE Internet Camera Server with Audio
• 1x Custom 360+ degree Pan and Tilt (HS-785 Servo for pan, HS-645MG Servo for tilt)
• 1x WiFi Custom Control Interface Package comprised of:
    - Software already installed
    - Gamepad controller
    - WiFi Bridge
    - Ethernet converter
    - Control board

Options and Upgrades (e-mail for pricing)
• Motor upgrade to four IG42 24VDC 252 RPM Gear Motor.
• Motor upgrade with encoders and encoder output reading on the WiFi Robot controller
• Battery upgrade to two 24V batteries wired in parallel with 24V Smart Charger.
• Sandblasted and painted the Robot Chassis (default is brushed aluminum)
• LED lights on the top of the camera.
• Roll Cage to protect the camera in the event of a roll over.


**This is a Special Order/Custom Built product. Please allow appropriate build plus delivery time. Lead times average 1 month**

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