Superdroid 4WS Crawler - Surveillance & Inspection Robot


Heavy-duty recon robotics unit, ready for duty and at your service!
• 4WD robot chassis with integrated pan and tilt camera system
• 4 Wheel steering for improved maneuverability
• Two powerful gear motors and servos
• Includes rechargeable batteries for control console and video
• Fully assembled, wired and tested
The Superdroid 4WS Crawler 4x4 Surveillance & Inspection Robot is a customized RC rock crawler that been modified to house a wireless color infrared camera on a 360 degree pan and tilt system. The robot provides a low cost platform that is ready to run complete with the vehicle, remote, and video system providing a quickly deployable surveillance robot that can navigate may different difficult terrains.
• 4 wheel steering for improved maneuverability
• Two powerful gear motors for driving and two powerful servos for steering front and back axles
• Geared low for ~6mph high torque drive train with 4 wheel independent suspension (rock crawler style chassis)
• Speed is infinitely adjustable/controllable
• Pan and Tilt System; 360+ degrees of rotation/pan and ~110 degrees of tilt 
• Integrated 7LED IR color camera; Optional LED flood lights can be mounted to pan and tilt and remotely operated
• Standard removable 2000mAhr 7.2V NiCad Pack for drive; Run time 0.5 to 2 hours depending on use
• Upgraded/Spare 4700mAhr NiMH 7.3V pack available for 2x run time
• 11.1VDC 1800mAhr Li-Ion video power battery; Run time 3-4 hours continuous use
• 7” foam filled all-terrain tires and rims
• Custom engraved front nameplate
• All electronics included
• Total weight of fully assembled robot: 12 lb
• Total height (floor to top of roll cage): 13 Inch
• Total width: 15 inches (outer edges of tires)
• Total length: 26 inches (front edge of front tires to back of chassis)
**This is a Special Order/Custom Built product. Please allow appropriate build plus delivery time. Lead times average 1 month**

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