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Dehydrated Vegetable Variety Case by American Family Supply


This long-term storage Vegetable variety includes one #10 can of each of the following:

Broccoli Floret

Are you in a hurry for dinner? Looking for a vegetable? Look no further, broccoli florets are a wholesome decision for those quick vegetable needs. Cover with water and let stand for approximately thirty minutes, or you can add to any dish where it may rehydrate while cooking.

Carrot Dices
This dehydrated vegetable is a favorite in soups, stews and can bring color to any dinner plate. Enjoy creating treats such as carrot cake, carrot juice, and even carrot pudding.

This vibrant yellow corn is sweet to the taste and will add color to any meal. Sweet Corn has been known to be traditionally eaten with beans; our favorite way to prepare is with butter and salt.

These sweet peas can be used in many different dishes such as casseroles, macaroni and cheese or in a stir-fry. Many customers like these peas plain with a touch of butter or spearmint.

Bell Pepper
Peppers, Green & Red Bell: Add a little kick to your dinner with green and red bell peppers. This assortment of red and green peppers is perfect for your morning omelets.

Chopped Onion
Enjoy the zest of onions in stews, crock pot meals, and casseroles. You can also add extra flavor by putting them in your hamburger mix, taco sauce, or in your chip dip.

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