Now you can give the gift of preparedness to those you care about.


Safecastle eGift Certificate


Want to know how to get your friends and family more aware and involved in preparedness? How about with a new Safecastle eGift Certificate?

Note that a $50 eGift Certificate is more than enough for a lifetime membership in the Safecastle Buyers Club. Or consider that a $100 eGift Certificate is enough for many of our storage food products and/or survival-gear offerings. A $250 eGift Certificate could get your loved one that lifetime membership plus a couple full cases of top-quality long-term storage food.

What a great gift Safecastle eGift Certificates make! A small investment on your part in an eGift Certificate could be just the encouragement that "special someone" needs to get serious about their future well-being.

It's a Piece of Cake

It's easy:  Make the eGift Certificate purchase, we instantly email you the eGift Certificate code(s). Then you can either email the code on to whomever you wish, or you can send a hard-copy of the code to your gift recipient.

The eGift certificates can be used toward any listing in our store. There is no expiration date.