American SafeRoom

Register Duct Kit


This kit allows you to easily connect the intake hose of the Safe Cell to a household register duct used commonly in residences and buildings with central force-air heating and air conditioning.

It is very simple to install:

  • Place the register cover (the large plastic piece) over the register
  • Insert the J-hook through a central opening in the register
  • Turn it 90-degrees and pull up - seating it against on of the bars in the register
  • Place the centering bar on top of the register cover and position the end of the J-hook through the central hole in it
  • Thread the wing-nut onto the threaded end of the J-hook and hand tighten
  • Slip fit the intake hose of the Safe Cell over the register cover - a slight twisting motion will seat it down and create an air-tight seal

Here is a typical residential floor register:

Here is the register duct kit installed:

Here is the quick-connect hose installed on the register duct kit:


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