Power Research Inc

PRI-D Fuel Treatment


Diesel Fuel Treatment is a super concentrated complete fuel treatment that improves all diesel fuels including ultra low sulfur diesel ULSD providing maximum fuel performance. PRI-Ds industrial strength enhanced thermal stability chemistry reacts with fuel upon contact providing multiple benefits.Features. Engines perform better and last longer.. Fuel lubricity is enhanced for reduced wear. Power is increased and fuel economy realized. Fuel stays fresh and ready to use. Degraded fuels are restored to freshness. Tanks and fuel lines remain free of slime and sludge.. Smoke opacity is dramatically reduced.. Maximum Lubricity Protection. Improved Engine Performance.. Reduced Maintenance Costs.. Keeps Fuels At Peak Stability. Super Concentrated.. Safe To Use.

    Each 16oz. unit treats 256 gallons
    Each 32oz. unit treats 512 gallons
    Each 1 Gallon unit treats 2,048 gallons
    Each 5 Gallon unit treats 10,240 gallons

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