Optimus Hiker+

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Been to both poles and the highest peaks without any legs at all.

Rugged and compact, the Optimus Hiker+ is a classic. No matter how bad it gets out there, you'll be doing fine. It didn't earn the nickname "Himalaya Stove" for nothing. For seventy years this stove has been getting the job done, but in spite of that they decided to make it even better.

Optimus knew that if they replaced the old burner with one of the patented, quick-priming, single jet burners like in the Optimus Nova stoves, that the end result would be much better. So they did, and now you're not only able to sustain a big flame on any peak or pole, you're also able to fix some of the finest meals that nature has ever witnessed. You're not just gonna survive, you're going to dine.

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY built on Optimus Nova
Optimus Powerline for SAFE and PRECISE FLAME CONTROL at a distance from the burner

Fuel Optimus Arctic Fuel, White Gas, Kerosene, Diesel, Jet Fuel
Weight 55 oz
Measurement folded 7" x 7" x 4"
Rating 2850 W
Burn time Up to 1.5 hours at maximum output on one filling (using 12 fl oz fuel)
Boil time (1 L of water) Down to 3.5 minutes depending on climate, altitude etc.
Included in package Includes burner with valve and stainless steel casing.

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