NorthWest Fork Meals

NorthWest Fork Meals- Gluten-Free 30 Day Food Supply , 10 years Shelf Life!

$139.99 $169.00

****Vegan, kosher, gluten, nut & GMO-FREE!****


What’s In The Box?

Based on 3 staples, oats, beans, and fruit.

oats are gluten-free, made from seeds which have been cleaned, de-hulled, lightly roasted, steamed and flaked. All of NorthWest Fork's beans are precooked, dehydrated and flaked here in Oregon.

The meals included in the 30-Day Food Supply are packed in six 15-serving sized Mylar pouches with heavy-duty oxygen absorbers inside. The following meals are included in your supply:

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal: Gluten free oats, organic evaporated cane sugar, freeze-dried strawberries & bananas

Tropical Trio Oatmeal: Gluten free oats, organic evaporated cane sugar freeze-dried bananas, mango, & pineapple

Black Bean Chipotle Stew: Gluten free oats, black beans, chipotle & seasonings, for a hearty, midday meal

Pinto Bean Stew: Gluten free oats, pinto beans, onions & seasonings for a flavorful main course or burrito filling

Seasoned Green Pea Soup: A twist on the classic, robust pea soup with the addition of hickory & other seasonings

Black Bean Soup: A lively blend of black beans, herbs & spices!

Extended Shelf Life!

Because this meals have a very low moisture content and are packaged in resealable 5.5mil thick Mylar with high-quality oxygen absorbers you can rest assured your meals will last 10 years if left unopened. Upon opening one of the meals use the resealable top to keep the meals fresh for up to 2 months.





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