New Inflatable Molokai Yacht Tender w/Window for ultimate underwater experience


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New Inflatable Molokai Yacht Tender w/Window for ultimate underwater experience- Available in Different Colors

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Features a Polycarbonate Clear Blue™ viewing panel for the ultimate experience in underwater exploration. Find a wide variety of innovative transparent kayaks.


* Sun Yellow
* Chili Red
* Continental Blue
* Mountain White
* Mandarin Orange

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* Polycarbonate Clear Blue™ Viewing Panels (Model A)
* AeroFiber Core™ Technology Allowing for a Rigid Design
* High Tenacity MachArmor™ Military Grade Outer Shell Construction
* StableMax™ UV Inhibitor Protection
* Compact Storage Capabilities
* AmphibianArmor™ Splash Guard
* Welded Seams
* Roomy Interior For Increased Cargo
* Lift Handles
* Hyper-Dispersion Fiber™ Inflatable Seating Cushions
* Large Compartmentalized Chambers For Buoyancy & Increased Safety
* RapidDeploy™ Quick Release Valve System
* Weight Capacity: 600 kg / 1320 lb.
* Max. Passengers: 5
* PSI (Hull) : 3.63
* PSI (Deck) : 10.15
* Max. Engine Size: 20hp
* Recommended Motor Shaft Size: 38.1cm / 15”
* 2 Oars
* Foot Pump


*  11.5´ x 33.5” x 28” / Weight 141 lbs (Standard)
* 350 cm x 205 x 70 cm / Weight: 64 kg (Metric)


 The name Molokai is derived from one of the main Hawaiian Islands. It is home to miles and miles of pristine white sandy beaches.

The Molokai yacht tender is where performance meets innovative design & where a word like “boundary” has no meaning at all. It comes in two options, either with a transparent polycarbonate window, or solid flooring (no window). The model with Polycarbonate window is referred to as model A, and the model with solid flooring is referred to as model C.

This Molokai 4 passenger inflatable boat model A comes equipped with a Polycarbonate viewing panel. Polycarbonate is a world renown material that gained notoriety for its impact and UV resistance. It is used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. The viewing panel gives passengers a glimpse into the astonishing mysteries of the deep. Enjoy the dazzling underwater world of coral reefs, and prepare to see the blue depths as never before.

The large compartmentalized buoyancy chambers are made out of MachArmor™ a high tenacity skin which is designed to take the abuse of rental operators who have a consistent daily flow of visitor traffic. The deck is made out of AeroFiber Core™ which are vertical fibers that adhere to both the top and bottom portions of the MachArmor™ skin. These fibers allow the material to be inflated to a higher PSI level making the hull extremely rigid allowing passengers to stand upright if desired and giving higher performance capabilities. The innovative AmphibianArmor™ Splash Guard keeps you and your gear dry in adverse conditions.

On average it takes 10 - 15 minutes for you to inflate and begin your boating adventure. The large size of the compartmentalized buoyancy chambers provides passengers with a high degree of safety and the ability to transport large amounts of cargo. 

The Molokai is well suited for stand-up fishing, scuba diving, family outings with children and pets as well as a wide variety of other boating activities. Shipping the Molokai also offer an advantage in cost savings over traditional rigid hull designs. Come join us on your next journey of Adventure!