Cool Cabanas

Cool Cabanas UPF 50 cotton poly canvas - Under The Palms - NEWLY LAUNCHED


  • New for 2018 is our coolest print yet - Under The Palms. Just lie back imagine you're relaxing under some tropical palms on a magical tropical island somewhere and let the Margarita's roll!
  • SIMPLER : Using just 1 centre pole you'll be amazed how fast and easy CoolCabanas are to sset upand pack up alone.
  • SMARTER : CoolCabanas ingenious sand pockets keep them anchored and their timeless good looks will keep you cool for years to come.
  • BETTER : CoolCabanas provide twice the shade of beach umbrellas, they can be used on grass, sand or hard surfaces so you can use them anywhere.
  • FASTER : At just 3kg (6lbs) the lightweight smart design folds down to just a mere 99x12x12cm (39x4x4") making them fast and easy to carry.

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