Military Surplus

Military Surplus Freeze Dried Turkey Bacon

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Military Surplus Freeze Dried Turkey Bacon in #10 Can

This Freeze Dried Turkey Bacon is an amazing disaster preparedness item. It is uncured, tasty, and guaranteed to please with its flavor. All cans were sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment.

Flash Facts:
  • #10 Can (aka Gallon size can)
  • 16 oz per can
  • U.S. Government/Military Surplus
  • 25+ year shelf life
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • November 2018 Production Date
This Turkey Bacon was manufactured in 2018 by a large military defense contractor. Although actual use is always classified on these kinds of products, our information is that these are purchased for Executive Branch use, not for our troops in the field. That usually means these go to underground bunkers for continuity of government use by strategic military leaders, congressional members and sometimes even White House staff or leadership. 

This Turkey Bacon is made with no artificial ingredients and is only minimally processed. It is made of turkey thigh meat chopped and formed into bacon slices. Turkey Bacon has a similar appearance and flavor of traditional pork bacon, but it is lower in calories and saturated fat. 

Each can contains 16 oz of freeze dried Turkey Bacon. To prepare it, just soak desired amount of Turkey Bacon in water for 5 minutes and cook. They come out of the can looking just like regular Turkey Bacon slices. 

Turkey Bacon can be used in any dish or recipe that calls for Bacon: breakfast hash, omelet, sandwich, or served on the side with pancakes. It doesn't have to be strictly breakfast dish, you can chop it on pizza, toss with pasta, or even slice it in a bowl of soup. The possibilities are limitless! 

You can expect to get 25+ years out of them in the can - and probably as many as 30 to 40 since there is no water or oxygen in the can to spoil them!! 

Once opened they will last:
  • up to 1 year in a Zip Lock bag with refrigeration once opened but not re-hydrated
  • up to 60 days in a zip lock bag without refrigeration once opened, but not re-hydrated.
  • up to 5 days in the fridge once they are re-hydrated
These are perfect for storing and using for many years! You can have a great tasting food in minutes with no mess and no waste - and it doesn't matter if the power goes out!!! You can open just one can at a time and in two hours serve one or as many of these as you want however you would serve Turkey Bacon!!! Perfect for camping, boating, travelling, or at the cabin.

Manufactured, Procured, and Canned in the USA

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