Kwik Kiln Precious Metal Smelter


Now you can pour your own gold & silver bars and coins, at home or on site! 
Propane fired mini kiln designed for melting up to 6 ounces 
of gold or up to 3 ounces of silver or copper. Made of lightweight alumina silica refractory material - the same material used for lining boilers. Kiln dimensions are 4" round by 4.5" tall.

  • Make your own gold and silver coins or bars in case of monetary collapse or death of the dollar.
  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Easy to Use
  • Fun


  • Stainless steel shell
  • Replaceable internal components
  • Reaches 2100 degrees Fahrenheit in only a few minutes
  • Both economical & utilizes inexpensive propane torches (not included) rather than mapp gas.
  • Portable: Take it with you and melt 1 to 6  ounces
  • of your fine placer gold in the field!
  • Cupel your lead prill after fire assaying in the microwave!
  • Lightweight: Only weighs 1Lb

Kit includes kiln, spacer, 2 mini graphite crucibles, 2 oz gold (1 oz silver) graphite loaf mold, stainless steel mini tongs, melting flux, instructions.

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