Imperial Berkey Combo - Water Filter with 2 Black, 2 PF-2 Filter & Massaging Shower Head


Imperial Berkey Water w/ 2-Black Filter, 2 PF-2 Filter& Massaging Shower Head

Product Description

This system comes standard with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, but can be expanded up to 4 or 6 elements. The versatile Imperial Berkey system is the ideal system for use with mid to large-sized families, small groups and during unexpected emergencies. Constructed with highly polished AISI stainless steel. Upper chamber nests within lower chamber for transport and stands only 17" in height. Storage capacity of about 4.5 gallons (17 liters). Maximum Filters: 6 Black Berkey Purification Elements (in upper chamber). System includes upper and lower stainless steel chambers, 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (expandable to 4 or 6), 2 PF-2 Fluoride, 1 stainless steel lid, 2 washers, 2 wingnuts, 1 priming button,1 spigot, 1 rubber gasket to protect the base.
Height when in use: 26"
Diameter: 10"
Weight: 10 lbs empty
For normal everyday use, this system easily serves: 4-8 people
Fully configured, this system can serve up to 200-400 people a day, during an emergency
Maximum Filtration Flow Rate:
Configured with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Imperial Berkey system can produce up to 5.5 gallons (20.8 liters) of purified water per hour
Configured with 6 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Imperial Berkey system can produce up to 16.5 gallons (62.5 liters) of purified water per hour
Up to 6 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters can be installed in the lower chamber if desired

Product Description

* The Berkey Shower Filter™ is designed for those who want the benefits of showering in filtered water 
* May be used with your existing shower head. Also available with massage shower head already installed
* Designed to last for 20,000 gallons or one year, whichever comes first
* "Full flow" filter insures even distribution of water throughout the media
* Easy installation of replaceable cartridge with self-sealing threads
* Back Flush Attachment to prevent premature clogging
* Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation
* Effective for both hot and cold water
* Reduces damage to hair and skin
* Eliminates dirt and odors
* Reduces free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, scale, and iron oxide (rust water)
* BPA free
* Do not use with shut-off valve

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