Includes 6 individual single-use water pouches


HydroPack Water Filter


The HydroPack is simple to use. Just place the pouch in any water source and it will self hydrate. The pouch itself is the forward osmosis membrane filter that allows the pouch to draw in water and reject even the harshest contaminants. The pouch will hydrate in approximately 10 hours. Once hydrated, insert a straw through the pouch or simply cut the corner off to consume. This self hydrating water filter pouch is the simplest way to prepare for any situation where clean drinking water becomes compromised.

  • The highest purity levels of any personal water filter; blocks bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • Non-clogging filter means expanded water source options
  • Dilute sports drink enhances hydration and improves user performance
  • Includes 6 individual single use water pouches