Grand Trunk Silk Sleep Sack, Single


Silk Sleep Sack, Navy Description
The Silk Sleep Sack helps add 10-12 degrees to your sleeping bag keeping you warm on chilly nights. Plus it's ideal for use as a stand-alone sleep sack when staying in hotels, hostels or anywhere you sleep. Silk is a natural and breathable material and provides a luxurious and comfortable sleeping environment.


- Weighs only 5 ounces
- 100% silk
- Waterproof stuff sack included
- Pillow compartment included
- Side / top entrance
- Use in any style sleeping bag
- Ties included on each side for a snug fit


- Holds: One
- Weight: 5 ounces
- Dimensions: 84" x 36"
- Attached stuff sack: 5": x 4"
- Color: Navy Blue