Gas Mask Filter


Compatible with the Venus, and all standard 37mm thread gas masks.

Filters have different protection classes: P3 , A2P3, A2B2P3, ABEK, ABEKP3 are the most used. Ours are A2B2E2K1P3 (EN141)

Filter Type and Category Color Code Main Applications:
A Brown Organic gases with a boiling point up to 65 C
B Grey Inorganic gases and vapours eg Chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide, but not carbon monoxide.
E Yellow Suplhur dioxide,hydrogen chloride,and other acid gases K Green Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives
AX1 Brown Low boiling organic compounds (boiling point up to 65C)
NO-P3 Blue-White Nitrogen Oxides eg NO , NO2, NOx HgP3 Red-White Mercury CO Black Carbon Monoxide Reaktor usually Reaktor
P3 Orange Orange-White Radioactive Iodine.including radioactive methyl oxide.
Class 1 = 1000ppm (0.1% by vol.) " 2 = 5000ppm (0.5% by vol.) " 3 = 10000ppm (1.0% by vol.) P1 80% efficiency P2 94% efficiency

The canister/filter offered is a CBW type and is a combined filter which protects against:
1. Dust, Riot Control Gas, Organic gases and vapours e.g. Solvents.
2. Inorganic gases e.g. Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulphide etc.
3. Acid gases and vapours e.g. Sulphur dioxide, anmmonia and particles from bacteria and bigger threats like chemical and biological warfare.

There is no visual indication on when to replace the filter but when the user experiences difficulty breathing then this indicates the filter is full and must be changed. There is a safety valve on the gas mask to allow the safe changing of the canister/filter without being exposed to the outside air. Full instructions included.

Outer material : polypropylene
Dust section material : finely pleated microporous technical paper
Gas section material : activated carbon

*CE certification
*EN 148/1 - thread interchangeable
*High quality activated carbon - maximum absorbing potential at the lowest possible weight
*Prefilters available - Longer life of the dust portion
*42 pleats - longer life of the dust portion
*Adjustable protection grid - easy decontamination also under shower
*110mm wide diameter -lower airflow resistance at same efficiency

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