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Future Essentials KOSHER Granulated Honey


Future Essential's Granulated Honey is packed in a #2.5 Can / 1.5Lbs.
100% US Procured and Produced and canned in the last 30 days.

Granulated Honey, also known as dehydrated honey granules, dried honey is easier to handle than standard honey, and can be used as-is to add flavor to hot beverages or reconstituted with water for more traditional usage. Dehydrated honey granules have an excellent shelf life, are instantly soluble, and blend easily. The color varies from golden brown to a deep tan, depending on the variety of honey used and the amount of honey in the granules.

Granulated Honey
is made from crystalizing honey in a special drying process. This process produces a balanced texture with a sweet taste and it has a very distinct flavor that’s sure to please the whole family. From teas and toast to syrups and spreads, it will never disappoint.

(Kosher Certified)

Shelf-Life: Granulated Honey will store for 25+years under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place).

Uses: Granulated Honey is used for cookies, pastries, syrups and more. It can also be used separately as a yummy sweetener for teas, biscuits, and toast.

Ingredients: Cane Syrups, Honey.

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