Lindon Farms

Freeze Dried Apples by Lindon Farms, 156 servings

$112.94 $162.00

Add the crisp taste of apples to your storage for up to 25 years! These apples are an all-natural low-fat snack that will leave your family nourished and happy.
Resealable, puncture resistant pouches come complete with oxygen absorbers ensure freshness and quality for snacking and storing!

Each mylarfoil pouch is sealed with an oxygen absorber inside to increase shelf-life and retain freshness.
Freeze drying is the process of freezing water out of a food product then rapidly turning it into a gas, omitting the liquid stage. Most fruit and vegetables are made out of 80% to 90% water, making freeze drying the ultimate light weight option. Once the freeze drying process is completed, the water, (up to 90% of a product like strawberries), is effectively removed thus making the product drastically lighter but maintaining most of its original shape, color, flavor, nutrients, and maximizing shelf life. Freeze Dried products have a quick re-hydration times normally only about five minutes.

156 Servings per Bucket.

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