Future Essentials

Future Essentials Freeze Dried Meat Combo


12 (#2.5 Can) fit neatly in 1 case, making storing easy!

Each case contains real MEAT (No TVP):
6 cans of Natural Freeze Dried Chicken
6 cans of Freeze Dried Beef
SHELF LIFE: 25+years

The Freeze Dried Chicken is 100% Fully Cooked Naturally Proportion US Chicken Breast Meat (1/4 Dices) GLUTEN FREE, cooked with no preservatives, additives. Re-hydrates within 3mins in hot water.
1 Can of Future Essentials Canned Cooked Freeze Dried Ground Beef
The Freeze Dried Ground Beef is 100% US meat. Re-hydrates within 3mins in hot water.

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