Excalibur 9 Tray D900CDSHD Food Dehydrator w/ Timer, Stainless Steel Clear Door

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Excalibur D900CDSHD Stainless Steel Clear Door 9 Tray Food Dehydrator w/ Timer

 Dehydration is the healthiest, easiest, and most economical way to preserve foods. Load the trays and set the temperature, the Excalibur dries the contents of all trays evenly so everything's done at once. Dehydration concentrates the natural flavor, sweetness, and aromas of your food. Leaving you with a flavor that's far healthier than high-fat snacks and high-sugar candies that are filled with chemical preservatives. The Excalibur  9-Tray  dehydrator provides 15 square feet of drying space, and is  Ideal for families, hunters, crafts people, volume pet treats, in-home dehydrating businesses.

It is the ONLY machine with the unique patented Parallex Horizontal Airflow and Hyperwave Technology. Hundreds of thousands of gardeners, outdoors enthusiasts, sportsmen, health-minded folks, and families say, "We love the Excalibur!"


* The long lasting beauty and modern appearance of Excalibur’s outer case stainless steel dehydrators lends a touch of class to your kitchen. The perfect combination of industry leading air-flow mechanics and materials.
* CLEAR door! *NEW* Made of Clear, Polycarbonate Material
* Case exterior is made of Stainless Steel. Case interior is polycarbonate, the same material as our black and white units.
* Features Excalibur’s patented Parallex™ Horizontal Air Flow and Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology, the most efficient heat/dry combination on the market.
* 9-large Stainless Steel trays, 15" x 15" each.  8 sq ft of drying space
* 26 Hour Timer lets you set it and forget it. Unit automatically turns off when the set time is complete.
* Adjustable Thermostat 105°F to 165°F. Temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruits and vegetables. Temperature range is also high enough to meet safety standards for dehydrating meat for jerky. Unit turns on automatically when thermostat is in use.
* 7-inch fan, 600 watts.
* Limited 10-year Warranty.
* Includes Preserve It Naturally Book.
* Unit Dimensions: 12-1/2 H x 17 W x 19 D (inches)
* Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. 
* Made in USA

Your Excalibur Dehydrator:

* Preserves Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Quickly & Easily
* Dries Fish & Meats in Just 4-6 Hours
* Whips up treats that'll put your Pet Store out of business
* Makes fun and flavorful fruit rolls that are GOOD for you
* Provides your own high-production YOGURT FACTORY
* Ideal for home crafts, too
* Saves Money on Your Food bills
* Eliminates Preservatives & Additives
* Eliminates Excess Salt & Fillers
* Lets you say "No More Junk Food"

4 Key Engineering Features Of Excalibur Dehydrator:

Design Superiority

* Large-capacity, square box design gives maximum drying space and efficiency.
* Back-mounted fan and heating element protects controls from spills.
* Patented Parallexx Dring System heats and dries all trays evenly.
* Patented Adjustable HYPERWAVE thermostat fine-tunes the heat. No over or under drying.
* Timer lets you "set it & forget it" while you are sleeping, at work etc.
* Removable trays slide in and out easily for convenient loading, unloading.
* Trays are dishwasher-safe, Screens are easil to clean with damp cloth.

Material Quality

* Stainless Steel trays are 304 stainless steel, commonly used in commercial food service because of its durability and high quality.
* Innovative plastic materials (same as plane windshields!) are virtually indestructible.
* Material is highly heat resistant, eliminating the concern of harmful fumes.
* Trays are rigid and extremely durable for long life - far superior to metal oven racks!
* Screens are BPA-free. They lift out for easy food removal and easy cleaning - other dehydrators don't have them!

Broad Versatility

* Dries virtually anything you'd ever want to dry: fruits, vegetables, soups, stews, beef, meat jerky, fruit rolls, yogurt, crafts, dry flower bouquets, dough, clay art, and much more.
* Adjustable thermostat lets you customize drying space for small or large items - e.g. yogurt by quart (impossible in stackabledehydrator) or a loaf of bread.
* Expanded versatility with non-stick ParaFlexx Sheets.(Not Included)

Exceptional Performance

* Built to handle ultra-heavy use: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, years on end.
* 10x faster with patented, highly efficient Parallexx Horizontal Airflow Drying System.
* Patented HYPERWAVE Fluctuation Technology prevents case hardening.
* Only dehydrator that dries food dry enough to powder
* Hold up to TWICE the food per load than common round dehydrator.
* Just 4 cents to 5 cents of electricity an hour to operate - dry a full load for less than 25 cents.
* Laboratory testing proves performance superiority: faster, more efficient than others, better food quality, color, and taste.
* Used daily in small commercial businesses, universities, restaurants world-wide.
* CCCommercial features throughout.

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