Engel MT27


The Engel MT27 is a medium sized, powerful freezer, capable of freezing almost anything.

It is powered by the latest generation of compressor technology making it ideal for making ice, freezing provisions or keeping ice-cream frozen. In refrigerator mode it can hold a steady temperature. Has a deep interior - with removable ice tray support. Easily holds tall Champagne bottles upright.

Operates off 12/24V DC or 110V AC. It automatically switches power from 12/24 volts to 110 volts.

Built tough for the harshest conditions. Proven in the deserts of Africa and Australia.

The new MT27 replaces the MT25 - and offers a new more efficient compressor, upgraded stainless hinges and convenient carry handles. The warranty is 2 years.

Commonly used by:
Boaters - for making ice cubes or freezing food
Campers & RV'ers - keeping provisions frozen
Truckers - for cooling refreshments
Biologists - for fast freezing test samples in the field
Medical labs - for cooling samples and vaccines
Reps on the road - for frozen product samples

Model Number MT27F-U1
Power consumption 0.6 - 2.3 Amps
Volume 22 qt.
Equivalent 30 cans (12 Fl.oz)
Weight 37 lbs.
Inside Dims (LxWxH) 11½" x 8" x 13½"
Outside Dims (LxWxH) 21" x 12" x 18.2"
Freezing Ability From 40F to 0F
Temp. control Variable Thermostat
Available colors Gray
Refrigerant Gas CFC free - 134A
Input rating DC 12/24V - 3.1A
AC 110V
Power Lead 9' detachable
Fuse 10A fuse
Max Noise 36 dB
Shipping Dims 14" x 23" x 19"
Shipping Weight 44 lbs.
Warranty 2 Year

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