Enerplex Jumpr Slate


Enerplex Jumpr Slate 10K,10,000 mAh/3.7V- Thinnest battery solution (7mm thick)


Weighing less than a pound and sizing up at only 7mm thick, the Jumpr Slate 10K is the thinnest battery solution for charging smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. The Slate 10K will have the ability to charge smaller devices such as digital cameras, MP3 Players, and GPS Devices. Its dual outputs give the ability for users to charge two devices at once so you can always make sure all of your devices are powered up. Finally, the Slate 10K comes with convenient binder holes so users can easily clip the battery into their planners, notebooks, and binders, making this the perfect solution for the student or businessperson. Whether on a long red-eye to Tokyo for an important business meeting or pulling an all-nighter in the campus library, stay powered up with the Jumpr Slate 10K from EnerPlex.


* Battery: Lithium-Polymer: 10,000 mAh/3.7V
* Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.3 in.
* Input: Micro-USB Port
* Power Output: 2.4 Amps
* Weight: 0.8 lbs.
* Output: Dual USB Port