Future Essentials

December Holiday Variety Case


The holidays are here!! Take advantage of this Limited Time Combo Case from Future Essentials.This case has a nice variety of everything. There are 12 (#2.5 size cans) that fit nicely in a case. All reconstitution directions are clearly labeled on each can.

Each case contains:

1 Can of Hot Chocolate 

1 Can of Spiced Cider Mix

1 Can of Ginger Snap Cappuccino

1 Can of Seasoned Dressing
(enough to make 2.5 cups)

1 Can of Cornbread Mix
(enough to make 18 servings)

1 Can of Mixed Nuts

1 Can of Green Bean Chips

1 Can of Turkey Gravy
(enough to make 10 cups)

1 Can of Chocolate Foiled Wrapped Coins

1 Can of Mini Candy Canes

1 Can of Gingerbread Cookies

1 Can of Ginger Snaps

 photo spiced-cider-Label.jpg photo hot-chocolate-label.jpg
 photo ginger-bread-cookies-label.jpg photo gingersnapslabel.jpg
 photo nut_mixlabel.jpg photo chocolate-coins-label.jpg
 photo gingersnap-cap-Label.jpg photo mini-candy-cane-label.jpg 
 photo Dressing.jpg photo turkeygravylabel.jpg
 photo greenbeanchipslabel.jpg photo sweetpotatoeslabel.jpg

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