Closed Head Poly Drums


These closed head containers are blow molded with improved performance characteristics of high molecular weight high density polyethylene. It can withstand the rigors of distribution and permits a wide range of filling temperatures. This all plastic drum is corrosion resistant and compatible with a broad range of products from hazardous chemicals to foods. It is completely self-supporting. Features a 2" NPT plug and one 2" buttress, and accomodates standard filling and emptying devices. All drums have a UV inhibitor. Is not for fuels or oils, but can be used horizontally or vertically. Can be stacked 3 high.

Closed Top: 15 gal. stores up to 230 lbs.; 30 gal., 445 lbs.; 55 gal., 800 lbs. of liquids and solids. Two openings to pour and vent.

In order to be used and FDA approved for water storage, customer must wash out the inside of the barrel with a weak solution of bleach and water.

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