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Buy 3 cases of Future Essentials White Rice, get 1 FREE case of Black Beans!!

$306.00 $306.01

Need economical, quality calories to bulk up your food storage? Try this on for size ...
112,250 calories in these four cases of food ... 3 cases of long grain white rice and a FREE case of black beans!!
That's 56 days of sustenance at 2000 calories/day

Future Essentials Long Grain White Rice

twelve #2.5 cans per case, 24 oz per can (uncooked)
In this listing--a total of 36 cans
Extremely long shelf life!

With the rising cost of commodities these days, this is a great addition to your food storage program, and an excellent hedge against future price increases. Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed, this will last as long as the seal on the can remains intact - which will be for many, many years!

Ingredients: Long Grain Rice enriched with iron (ferric orthophosphate), niacin, thiamin (thiamin mononitrate) and folic acid.

Future Essentials Black Beans
Each Can contains 5 pounds of the finest Black Beans. Packed in a number 10 Can, they are 100% US Procured and Produced and canned in the last 30 days. Each can is sealed in an oxygen and moisture free environment. Each case contains six #10 cans. This listing includes six cans.

Beans are one of the oldest foods known to man. They were one of the earliest food crops cultivated in the Americas. Common beans were domesticated about 7,000 years ago in both Peruvian Andes and in southern Mexico. Beans are one of the most nutritionally complete foods available. In fact, no other food comes close to beans in providing protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and soluble fiber together in high amounts. Beans have been a key ingredient in a healthy diet of all ages because they are high in complex carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, and folate, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Beans are also low in fat, sodium, and are cholesterol-free.

With these beans, you can truly eat what you store and store what you eat for ease of rotation and ultimate freshness. Freeze Dried, Dehydrated and Air Dried products are less expensive than wet pack food because you are not paying for all the water. The taste is great, and the nutritional food value is excellent!! Air Drying/Dehydrating allows for natural and additive free foods to be stored effectively for long periods of time thats right, NO additives or preservatives.

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