American SafeRoom

Blast Hatch

$2,825.00 $2,875.00

This hatch is mounted horizontally. It features a gas charged damper that aids in opening.

The opening size is 32 by 32 inches.

American Safe Room manufactures this flat blast hatch designed to be installed with an underground shelter. It is a "flat" hatch, compared to the riser hatch, which features an integrated riser that can be ordered in custom heights to match the backfill depth of the shelter.

Flat hatch mounting slots
Mounting slots

It is designed to be bolted down onto a shelter top with included concrete wedge anchors or welded to a steel shelter.

It features plasma cut mounting slots instead of round holes to allow movement in two directions for easy positioning on the wedge anchors.

82 PSI pressure rating
The blast lid is constructed from ASTM A-36 steel plate reinforced by stress resistant steel angle pieces. It is designed to withstand an 82 PSI blast load.

Hatch deadbolt assembly
Deadbolt lock assembly

The heavy duty dead bolt lock assembly has an external steel screw on cap to keep it dry and out of sight. The deadbolt can be operated from the inside without the key.


Flat hatch hinge
The massive hinge assembly is the same one used on our blast doors. It features an inch and half steel pin, bronze bushings, and grease zerk's for ongoing lubrication.