Aquamira UQC Splice Kit 1/4″

$9.99 $39.99

 Product Description

The Frontier UQC Kit allows you to connect a UQC compatible filter to the hydration equipment you already use.

The Frontier UQC Splice Kit is the easiest and most effective way to integrate a UQC compatible filter (such as the Frontier Pro or Frontier Max) to a legacy hydration system or DIY setup. Using the splice kit is as easy as a quick snip and inserting the barbed connectors into your ¼” tubing. When no filter is needed, the UQC splice connects together for standard, uninhibited usage of your tubing.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal connectivity fits all hydration systems with 1/4″ hoses, including Camelbak® and Platypus®
  • Ideal for the Aquamira Frontier Pro and Aquamira Frontier Max UQC compatible filters
  • Two-button design prevents accidental disconnects
  • Valved connector shuts off liquid flow when disconnected
  • Smooth profile does not catch on equipment


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