4x4 Mobile Platform Robot w/ D-Link Camera


• Mobile Platform w/D-Link Camera 
• Fully assembled and ready to use
• Available in military black, desert gold and rainforest green
• RSDi One year limited warranty
The Robotics Group 4x4 Mobile Platform w/DLink Camera measures 12" x 7.6" x 3.1" and is made of heavy duty 0.1" plate aluminum, the unit comes fully assembled, with the top and bottom shells; battery holder for up to twelve D size batteries; four RGi-GHM-01 gear head motors (12vdc 30:1 200rpm) with the option to upgrade to the larger and more powerful RGi-GHM-12 gear head motors (12vdc 30:1 235rpm); hex wheel aluminum adapters; tires; pan unit; heavy-duty NiMh rechargeable batteries, an integrated ZigBee remote control system; and dual embedded motor controllers.

For expandability the unit comes with three 37 pin D (front, top center and back) connectors that are used to carry power and data for additional sensors. Available in military black, desert gold and rainforest green. The Robot chassis consists of tough 0.1 inch anodized aluminum top and bottom shells, screws, 37 pin expansion connectors, input power plug, and an on/off switch. The chassis is available in Military Black, Desert Gold and Rainforest Green.

The Drive unit consists of 4 knobby wheels, hex hub adapters, four (4) gear-motors (30:1 reduction) and mounting screws. Please note the warranty covers the motors only if used with the appropriate RGi motor controller. The Pan Unit is integrated inside the body shell and consists of a Delrin base and rotating unit, a Hi-Tec HS-81MG micro-servo, custom aluminum holder plate, 2 Delrin gears, custom aluminum holder ring, and associated screws and hardware. The battery pack consists of a custom battery pack (12.0V / 11Ah NiHM), custom aluminum bracket, fuse, and electrical connector. The RGi-Megaboard is the heart of the robot. This custom-built board comes with a ZigBee Transceiver; integrated 10 R/C servo controller; dual AX and DX Robotis Dynamixel servo controller (up to 255 servo capability); dual high-power motor controllers (75A maximum) with custom firmware soft-start; custom power supplies for servos, external video cameras, and lights; 8 (10-bit) analog sensor inputs; I2C interface; on-board power management with programmable sleep modes; built-in IR and ultrasonic scanning capability; and numerous other features.

What's Included:
• RGi-RTR4x4-C Robot Chassis Base 4x4
• RGi-RTR4x4-D Drive Unit
• RGi-RTR4x4-P Pan Unit
• RGi-RTR4x4-B-12VN Battery Pack, 12V, 11Ah, NiMH + Charger
• RGi-RTR4x4-WZ Custom built Megaboad controller with ZigBee
• RGi-RTR4x4-VW DLink Webcam
• RGi-RTR4x4-RSDi One (1) year limited warranty

**This is a Special Order/Custom Built product. Please allow appropriate build plus delivery time. Lead times average 1 month**

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