2 Berkey Style 9" Replacement Ceramic Water Filters British Berkefeld

$75.00 $105.00

2-BERKEY Style Replacement Ceramic Water Filters British Berkefeld 

Product Description

* Sold as a single filter element
* Super Sterasyl™Ceramic Filtration Elements have been in continual use since 1827
* Silver impregnated to inhibit bacterial growth
* Contains granulated activated carbon to reduce chemical and organic compounds
* 9" element installs in the upper chamber of most Berkey® Systems or British Berkefeld® System; Not compatible with Travel Berkey® System
* Durability: Recommended manufacturer's replacement for each Super Sterasyl™Ceramic Filter Element is six months or 535 gallons after use
* Recleanable and self-sterilizing for the life of the filter
* Meets NSF Standard No. 42 for materials

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