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NBC Safe Cell


The ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell features an internal automatic switching power supply that will trickle charge a user-supplied 12 volt battery and then automatically switch to drawing power from the battery if the power grid goes down. When the power comes back on, the power supply automatically switches back to AC power and recharges the battery.

The Safe Cell has been designed from the ground up to overpressure a protected space so that the only way for air to be introduced into your shelter is through the filter bank.

It comes complete with an air intake hose, a wall mounting bracket, and a comprehensive installation and operation manual

This NBC air filter is designed to be mounted inside a collective protection area such as a safe room or bomb shelter where it can be inspected and serviced without leaving the protected space.

You can have the optional bypass port installed at the factory. This bypass port allows you to connect the air intake hose to the top end bell - drawing in outside air, bypassing the filter bank, and blowing fresh, unfiltered air into your protected space.

This configuration is to only be used to ventilate your shelter while extending the life of your filters when there is no airborne toxin threat.


Model ASR-100-AV-NBC
100 cubic meters per hour
in filter mode
400 cubic meters per hour
bypass mode

What is included with your Safe Cell

  • A 60 inch (1.5 meter) steel reinforced chemical resistant intake hose with a wall mount flange that affixes the end to the wall with a quick release mount
  • A wall mount bracket that features quick release knobs that do not require tools to remove the Safe Cell - all fasteners are included
  • A power cord with a standard computer style interface
  • A comprehensive installation and operation manual

For more information, check out the anatomy of a Safe Cell here, and how everything works together here.

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